Laboratory Waste Disposal

A bespoke service

As part of our ChemClear operation, Chemisafe specialise in laboratory waste disposal covering safe listing, packaging and labeling of laboratory and research waste.

Offering a bespoke service suited to the customer’s requirements our team of chemists will ensure your waste is disposed of via the most environmentally friendly way, with on average 90% of the waste being recovered or recycled.

Chemisafe operate a complete ChemClear laboratory waste removal service that is ideally suited to research and laboratory facility collections, ChemClear will:

  • Provide a qualified chemist to list and assess your waste on site, to decide on the best disposal route
  • Repackage if required and label waste to UN packaging requirements
  • Complete all hazardous waste consignment paperwork
  • Provide a Certificate of Disposal upon completion

First rate disposal services

For more information on our first rate laboratory waste management and disposal services, please contact our technical team on 01928 571131, email [email protected] or use our Contact Form

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