Oil Waste Management

A bespoke service

We can collect your waste oil by tanker or in drums, IBC’s and tins.  You can arrange for collection by our waste management team who will classify, package and arrange disposal of your oil waste.

Chemisafe UK Ltd can offer a safe and secure collection and disposal service for the following types of oil waste streams:

  • Oil and water mixtures
  • Antifreeze fluids
  • Brake fluids
  • Cooling water treatment containing oil
  • Edible oils and fats
  • Oil contaminated bund waters
  • Oil drum washings
  • Waste engine, gear and lubricating oil
  • Tank cleaning residues and sludges
  • Contaminated oil waste

First rate disposal services

For more information on our first rate waste management and disposal services, please contact our technical team on 01928 571131, email [email protected] or use our Contact Form

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